September 13, 2021

Blog/ Cities are a different beast

Harriet Hird


Cities are a different beast. They need a different kind of delivery.

That’s why 95% of the Zedify fleet in our 9 UK cities is made up of vehicles from the cargo bike family.

In the urban environment, they’re up to 3 times faster than vans, because cargo bikes (and their relations) are optimised for cycling infrastructure. They’re great at accessing LTNs, cycle-only streets and making use of cycle lanes. While standard delivery vans, electric or not, get stuck in queues of traffic.

Our findings show that cargo bikes save 98% carbon emissions per kilometre, compared to a typical diesel van, and 91% compared to a typical EV. Our cargo bikes also save 7.05kg of deadly NOx from being emitted each year.

Many retailers are looking at ways to reach their net zero commitments and do the right thing on the climate crisis and clean air. Often the narrative is around a wholesale switch to EVs plus some carbon offsetting. For cities, there’s a way to make a far more significant positive impact for your business and for your customers. And it’s here, right now. Ready to roll.

Meet the Zedify fleet; the kind of fleet our cities need.




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