19 August 2021

Case Study/ Alfred's Brewery

Harriet Hird

Who are Alfred’s Brewery?

A microbrewery based in the historic city of Winchester, Alfred’s have won multiple awards for their high-quality, consistent beers. Their sustainable business model includes powering their steam boiler using 100% renewables.

What did they need?

Alfred’s wanted a sustainable delivery service to build on their existing green business success. Customers can order home deliveries through their ecommerce site, and Alfred’s were looking for a zero carbon delivery partner to improve the impact of these shipments.

How does Zedify help?

Zedify provides a next day delivery service for all Alfred’s local home deliveries using zero emissions. Alfred’s can offer their customers a reliable delivery service and the local team provide a supportive, personable service that means bookings are simple and quick to make.

What are the results?

With positive feedback from customers who enjoy the sight of their locally brewed beers arriving on a cargo bike, Alfred’s are really happy with their choice of delivery partner. With over 208 deliveries made in a year, Zedify has saves Alfred’s 42kg of CO2 every year and they contribute 28 hours work for a Living Wage employed rider.

42kg CO2 saved annually
208 deliveries made annually
28 Living Wage Employed rider hours annually