19 August 2021

Case Study/ DabbaDrop

Harriet Hird

Who are DabbaDrop?

DabbaDrop are a ‘plant based, planet minded takeaway’ creating delicious dinners that are delivered to their customers’ homes across North, East and South London. All their meals arrive in reusable ‘dabba’ tiffin tins.

What did they need?

Alongside being plastic free, and waste free, DabbaDrop have made sure their deliveries across London are emissions free, too. So, they needed a reliable, speedy delivery service using the greenest logistics

How does ZED and Zedify help?

With our fleet of zero emission cargo bikes, Waltham Forest’s Zedify hub, ZED, supports DabbaDrop with twice weekly drops to multiple locations across Northeast London. DabbaDrop launched their delivery service using ZED and the bikes have become a key part of their customer experience.

What are the results?

DabbaDrop gets more popular by the week and zero emission deliveries keep ramping up. With over 2,600 deliveries made each year, Zedify has saved DabbaDrop 528kg of CO2 every year and contributes 260 hours work for a Living Wage employed rider

538kg CO2 saved annually
2,600 meals delivered annually
260 Living Wage employed rider hours annually