19 August 2021

Case study/ Enjoy Waltham Forest

Harriet Hird

Who are ZED and Enjoy Waltham Forest?

ZED is a B2B cargo bike delivery service run in partnership between Zedify and the Enjoy Waltham Forest Team. With its Mini-Holland scheme, the borough has blazed a trail for cycle-friendly neighbourhoods which cut car use.

What did they need?

With cycle-friendly measures in place such as pedestrian and cycle-only streets, local businesses were concerned about delivery vehicles gaining access. Waltham Forest needed a cargo bike delivery service which would allow businesses to keep goods moving and improve local air quality.

How does Zedify help?

With Zedify’s extensive cargo bike and freight consolidation experience, we’ve been able to hit the ground running and ZED has become a successful, trusted local service used by a wide range of businesses from florists, food delivery brands, breweries and pharmacies. Waltham Forest also uses ZED for council deliveries such as library books and leaflets.

What are the results?

By finding a solution that works for businesses, Zedify has helped Waltham Forest convince local businesses that cycle-friendly measures can help their business, rather hinder it. Measures designed to encourage active travel have been shown to increase retail spend by up to 30%. The scheme now has over 60 customers, with 37,000 parcels delivered by ZED over 12 months.

8t CO2 saved annually
37,000 parcels delivered annually
2,467 Living Wage employed rider hours annually