19 August 2021

Case Study/ Smarter Uniforms

Harriet Hird

Who are Smarter Uniforms?

An innovative second-hand school uniform reuse project based in Brighton & Hove, Smarter Uniforms help families save money and protect the earth’s resources by keeping school uniforms in use for longer.

What did they need?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Smarter Uniforms sought out a courier so families could carry on making donations and purchasing their uniforms second hand. They wanted to work with a delivery company that shared their aims for building a sustainable society.

How does Zedify help?

We provide a one-stop shop by collecting donations and delivering orders to their families. Families have a simple, easy way to extend the use of their children’s uniforms and to tackle their household impact. Zedify uses cargo bikes, so each delivery uses zero emissions , helping to fight the climate crisis and improve local air quality.

What are the results?

Circular economy clothing requires a commitment to green logistics, to help extend the lives of garments by getting them where they need to be while not negatively contributing to transport emissions. Smarter Uniforms are pioneers in providing a circular economy service using cargo bike deliveries. Since April 21, we’ve delivered 355 uniforms for reuse, using zero emissions.

135kg CO2 saved
44 Living Wage employed rider hours
355 Uniforms delivered for reuse