19 August 2021

Case study/ Wogan Coffee

Harriet Hird

Who are Wogan Coffee?

Originally established in 1970,  Bristol’s Wogan Coffee is a now a third-generation family business. Sourcing and importing artisan coffee beans from sustainable and ethical farms worldwide., Wogan’s is a well-known local brand.

What did they need?

With ethics and sustainability at the heart of their business, Wogan was looking for a sustainable delivery partner to help towards their ultimate goal of carbon neutrality. With such a loyal customer base, they needed a delivery partner that was reliable and friendly.

How does Zedify help?

Zedify provides next day deliveries to nearly all Wogan’s local Bristol website customers, allowing those local clients to get their coffee to their doorstep using zero emissions. By consolidating Wogan’s coffee with other parcel deliveries, Zedify helps make Bristol a less congested place with fewer vans and delivery vehicles clogging up the streets.

What are the results?

By working with Zedify, Wogan have built on their zero emission successes and are now investing in their own electric fleet for deliveries further afield. Wogan credit the partnership with Zedify as kickstarting this transition. With over 4,200 deliveries made in a year, Zedify saves Wogan 832kg of CO2 every year and contributes 420 hours work for a Living Wage employed rider.

832kg CO2 saved annually
4,200 deliveries made annually
420 Living Wage rider hours annually