19 August 2021

Press Release/ Finchley businesses prepare for ULEZ extension

Harriet Hird


Barnet Council and Zedify launch cargo bike deliveries for local businesses The London Borough of Barnet has partnered up with the urban logistics specialist, Zedify, to offer a new low-emissions delivery service for businesses in Finchley. Ahead of the ULEZ extension, which comes into force on 25th October 2021, the scheme aims to replicate Zedify’s successful model used in other London boroughs and in 9 cities across the UK.

Zedify rider making deliveries for local businesses in Finchley


Micro consolidation hubs allow Zedify to combine parcels coming into the area from across the UK with local deliveries headed for the same neighbourhoods. 95% of their fleet is cargo bikes, which improve air quality and allow goods to be delivered more quickly: cargo bike riders can access narrow roads and filter past heavy traffic. Recent research from Possible[1] showed that cargo bikes are 60% faster than vans in cities, and when this speed is combined with the hyper local freight consolidation used by Zedify, deliveries become extremely efficient and cost effective.

Many small businesses use traditional carriers operating diesel vans or, for firms just starting out, deliveries might be made using their own vehicles . This trial is one of the measures implemented by Barnet Council to support its town centre businesses to adapt and thrive post-pandemic, and to contribute to the UK Government’s 2050 net zero target. The funding provides a 50% discount on the first month so Finchley businesses can access affordable and sustainable deliveries, allowing them to focus on other aspects of running their business.

Businesses that are looking for ways to avoid the prohibitive costs of the ULEZ extension, and keep their goods moving quickly in heavily congested areas, will find that cargo bike logistics are the perfect answer. The service also aims to help businesses make a positive contribution to their local area by helping reduce congestion and improving local air quality.



Zedify consolidates packages and loads onto a cargo trike at a microhub


Kate Roddy of Whole Bowl said, “The Whole Bowl has a growing customer base for our weekly plant based food deliveries. We pride ourselves on our sustainable approach with both food, packaging and now our deliveries across North and North West London. To be able to offer a zero emission delivery service is helping us reach ours goals and we are very excited to be amongst the first to use Zedify in Barnet.”

Impact Store hands over a package for a zero emissions delivery


Kerlyn Guillen of Impact Store said, “”As a local zero waste shop for the people of North West London and beyond, we believe small positive actions by many create a better planet. To amplify our impact, we’re delighted to have found Zedify Finchley who will deliver our products on electric cargo bikes, using zero emissions. Our customers are over the moon to be able to get all our sustainable, low waste products delivered to their homes by bike.”


Zedify CCO and co-founder, Sam Keam, said, “This project with Barnet is important- it showcases yet again the opportunity that local authorities have to change things for their residents by supporting local businesses in their transition to cleaner deliveries. It’s councils like Barnet that are leading the way and showing what is possible for the neighbourhoods and the cities of the future.”




Supported by Barnet Council and delivered as part of Cross River Partnership’s Healthy Streets Everyday project, the scheme is funded by the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.


Businesses who want to find out more about the scheme can get in touch directly with the Zedify Finchley team on finchley@zedify.co.uk or by calling 020 8191 7939.


About Zedify

  • Zedify is shaking up the way deliveries are done in cities by providing a service for businesses that enhances their brand, reduces cost and is helping to create the healthier, more liveable cities of the future.

  • Zedify offers a complete logistics service for local businesses who need flexible deliveries within their city as well as national deliveries via carrier partners.

  • We work closely with ecommerce brands and third party carriers, to offer time-sensitive and ethical collections and deliveries for the first and last mile of their journey.

  • Zedify is a Living Wage employer.


For press enquiries contact:

Harriet Hird

Head of Marketing




[1] Possible research showing cargo bikes deliver 60% faster in cities: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/05/cargo-bikes-deliver-faster-and-cleaner-than-vans-study-finds