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As cities become increasingly aware of the impacts of air quality on their health, zero-emission deliveries have never been more important. With a population of nearly 9 million people, London is the most congested city in the UK. As the number of deliveries rises, so does the need for sustainable delivery services. Zedify’s cargo bike delivery service for London businesses can help contribute to cleaner air and a more liveable city.

Zedify is a top-rated London courier, offering same-day and next-day delivery services that are speedy, reliable, and cost-effective. With hubs in Hoxton, Waltham Forest, and Battersea, our local courier service works hard to support London businesses by providing deliveries that are fast and reliable at no extra cost to the planet.


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London’s Zero Emission Delivery Courier

Whatever items you wish to send, we’ll be happy to assist you and process your shipment as quickly as possible. We use zero emission vehicles, such as cargo bikes, to provide same-day and next-day deliveries that are both quicker and greener than traditional courier services. Our electric cargo bikes are able to effortlessly filter through traffic for a quick courier service, so you won’t have to worry about your package arriving on time.

At Zedify, we are passionate about supporting the environment by improving the air quality and lowering damaging transportation emissions. We take our responsibilities seriously and are committed to doing our part to lessen our environmental effect. Whether you frequently send out and receives parcels, a green courier service is an excellent method to reduce emissions. Our highly professional and friendly couriers are ready and available to meet your needs, delivering your goods safely with our zero emission cargo bikes.

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