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calendarJune 6th, 2024
personBex Young
clock3 minute read

Edinburgh, 30 May 2024 – Edinburgh-based independent cargo bike company, Farr Out, has joined Zedify, the UK’s largest cargo bike delivery network. The move means Farr Out’s customers will be able to keep delivering their goods by cargo bike and will enable Zedify to expand its customer base across Scotland as it partners with businesses looking for more sustainable delivery options.

Founded in 2018, Zedify’s mission is to help create healthier, cleaner, more liveable cities. It works with major retail brands, parcel carriers and independent businesses across the UK to provide more sustainable last mile deliveries using cargo bikes. 

Farr Out founders Alex Fitzhowle and Gabriele Revelli will join the Zedify team as Business Development Manager and Hub Manager respectively, using their extensive knowledge and experience of the Scottish market to accelerate Zedify’s growth across Edinburgh and beyond.

Zedify co-founder and CEO, Rob King, comments: “Edinburgh is a city like no other characterised by its old cobbled streets, hidden alleyways and historic landmarks and we need to protect it! 

“With ecommerce on the up in a big way, Scotland’s capital is suffering from increased congestion and poor air quality which is exactly why we’re looking to speed up the use of cargo bikes across the city. I’m chuffed to have Alex, Gaebrile and the Farr Out team join Zedify as we look to do just that.”

According to stats from Zedify’s annual Impact Report, cargo bikes save an average of 95 percent and 82 percent more carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per kilometre than diesel vans and electric vans respectively.

Fitzhowle says: “I’m really proud of what the Farr Out team has achieved to date when it comes to pushing the use of cargo bikes as the most sustainable delivery option for businesses in our capital. 

“In order to grow and compete against some of the more established logistics and delivery companies, joining Zedify made perfect sense. It has a UK wide network, is already working with a host of household UK brands and has the technology required to scale operations.

“It was a no-brainer for Farr Out to join the Zedify family and we’re excited about what this next chapter brings.”

Zedify employs over 170 riders, across 9 UK cities making it the UK’s largest cargo bike delivery network.




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Sustainable delivery company, Zedify, is shaking up the way deliveries are done in cities. Its tech-enabled, cargo-bike first model helps retail brands, parcel carriers and independent businesses save over 80 percent more carbon carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per kilometre than the next best alternative. Its mission is to help create healthier, cleaner, more liveable cities of the future. 

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