London Team Newsletter– Jan 2022

Welcome back for the second edition of our monthly newsletter. We’ve had a busy and exciting start to the new year that’s seen new faces, new customers and new bikes, with even more still to come! There is a lot to get through so let’s get to it…

We would like to start with a fond farewell to one of our most seasoned team members, Jay. Jay has been with us since January 2020 and has established himself as someone who is always willing to go above and beyond. In addition, his willingness to take new riders under his wing has been invaluable, particularly in our FedEx locations. His support in relations with FedEx, in general, has been key to setting up our Hornsey operation. Whilst he will be missed, you may still see him around as he will be joining FedEx. We wish him all the best for the future.

Speaking of FedEx, a big thank you to everyone involved with launching our new service for their Beckton depot out of Hoxton. We began this service practically seamlessly, with any minor issues ironed out by the end of the first day. So a big well done to the Ops team, riders and supporting maintenance team for their efforts. Also new on the scene is our Chrisp Street Delivers service, with funding from Tower Hamlets and the Greater London Authority, we’ve been able to launch a delivery service in Poplar and the surrounding area, which launched on Monday (24th). Whilst volumes are low at the moment, we hope to establish a viable long-term service in the area by the time the Tower Hamlet support has come to an end.

In other news, we are looking to replace trike and bike ID’s with memorable names over the next month, to make them more easily identifiable to staff and we need your help! Nav will be sending out online forms to everyone to get your suggestions, after which we’ll have a vote on which names to go for, so watch this space. We are also in the process of planning a team event where you can fix your personal bikes with the help of our maintenance team, as well as order parts with our trade discount, details of which will be shared soon.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to all our new recruits –  Shadun (Rider), Will (Maintenance), Dan (Maintenance), Denisi (Operations) & Jed (Rider). Welcome to the team!

That’s all for this week!