General packaging tips
  • Always use strong, good-quality boxes or packaging materials

  • We encourage the use of reusing boxes but please remove old labels including any hazardous materials information stickers

  • Be sensible about the weight of items that you put in a box – don't overload boxes

  • Pack items in the centre of a box with plenty of cushioning, to stop any movement during transit. Use bubble wrap, shreds, packaging chips, even old newspapers

  • Always protect sharp items securely, carefully wrapping any scissors or knives to protect them from piercing through packaging materials

  • Write all labels clearly (using capitals) and never cover them up with tape or film

Glass & other fragile items
  • Fragile items should be well cushioned from the sides and particularly at the bottom of the boxes. Label boxes as fragile and include ‘arrow up‘ stickers.
  • Multiple glass items must have effective packaging between.
Bottles & liquids
  • Make sure that liquids, semi-liquids, powders or strong smelling substances are properly sealed in leak-proof containers and held upright in a strong box and correctly labelled with ‘arrow up’ signs

  • Wines and spirits – firstly pack bottles into an inner box, and then add rigid outer packaging for extra protection. Use corrugated cardboard or foam dividers, ideally use bespoke packaging when shipping bottles.

Perishable items
  • Zedify is an ambient network- we do not provide refrigerated vehicles. Goods of a perishable nature should be packed using appropriate insulation and coolants that can keep the goods at the correct temperature for the maximum length of time they will be in transit. This will depend on the service, so if sending overnight this will need to be 24hrs. Our same day services are usually 5 hours.

  • We work with clients on an individual basis to offer the use of insulated boxes.


We’re afraid we can’t accept any liability for items that are poorly packaged. See also our terms and conditions.