This Recycle Week, we're celebrating the role of clothing reuse in the circular economy and putting the spotlight on Zedify Brighton customer, Smarter Uniforms.

1.4 million wearable school uniforms are currently disposed of as waste each year in the UK. The opportunity to protect the value from the resources that go into making each garment is vast; carbon, water and waste footprints can reduce by 20-30% each when uniform lifespan increases by just 9 months.

Smarter Uniforms help families in Brighton and Hove get more from their school uniforms by donating wearable items and purchasing their new sets second hand. With an online shop and, running over the summer, a pop-up, they’re providing a well-needed service to the community. By donating and buying second hand, families save people money, they help prevent textiles going to landfill or incineration and they reduce the resources required to make each garment from scratch. Since they launched, Smarter Uniforms have diverted 5,000 garments from being disposed of as waste; they’ve saved parents over £11,000 on purchasing uniform; and, because each purchase includes a charity donation, they’ve raised over £2,500 for local schools. Full marks!

Sustainable deliveries for a circular economy

With circular supply chains, inevitably, goods must be moved from the point of disposal to wherever it's viable to get that second life. To maximise the sustainable impact of services like Smarter Uniforms, green and low-carbon last mile logistics are an essential piece of the puzzle. Since April this year, we’ve been excited to support Smarter Uniforms with an all-in-one service where families can donate and receive their new orders at the doorstep. Here’s the full case study on what we’ve achieved together using cargo bike deliveries for second hand uniforms, in Brighton and Hove.

Smarter Uniforms x Zedify. The case study

"It's brilliant that our second-hand school uniforms can be donated and delivered to families using zero emissions- helping to bring about a truly circular economy" The SU Team

Who are Smarter Uniforms?

An innovative second-hand school uniform reuse project based in Brighton & Hove, Smarter Uniforms help families save money and protect the earth’s resources by keeping school uniforms in use for longer.

What did they need?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Smarter Uniforms sought out a courier so families could carry on making donations and purchasing their uniforms second hand. They wanted to work with a delivery company that shared their aims for building a sustainable society.

How does Zedify help?

We provide a one-stop shop by collecting donations and delivering orders at the doorstep. Families have a simple, easy way to extend the use of their children's uniforms and to tackle their household impact. Zedify uses cargo bikes, so each delivery uses zero emissions , helping to fight the climate crisis and improve local air quality.

What are the results?

Circular economy clothing requires a commitment to green logistics, to help extend the lives of garments by getting them where they need to be while not negatively contributing to transport emissions. Smarter Uniforms are pioneers in providing a circular economy service using cargo bike deliveries. Since April 21, we’ve delivered 355 uniforms for reuse, using zero emissions

Find out more about how Zedify supports the circular economy with sustainable deliveries using cargo bikes by getting in touch with our team today.

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