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Peace of mind when it matters


Zedify does secure document delivery. We pick up your documents from your office, storage centre or client, and deliver them sustainably using our fleet of electric cargo bikes.

Delivering your documents with Zedify offers the ultimate efficiency, meaning you get a professional delivery service which is extremely rapid and cost effective.

If you’re looking for a document delivery partner that you can trust and you need to keep emissions down, Zedify can help with up to 80% lower carbon footprint per delivery compared to an EV.

You’ll also get easy-to-use tracking and notifications for you and your clients. To make life simple for you, we offer an easy booking portal to keep track of your shipments.

The benefits


We offer a wide variety of services including next day and same day courier services, and we work with hundreds of well known brands. With our range of integrations, low-carbon deliveries with Zedify are plug and play.

Easy integrations
Speedy onboarding
Responsive customer support


Show your clients you’re taking clear action on sustainability. Keep them happy and loyal, with a smoother document delivery experience.

We’ve created last mile deliveries that businesses an love. Have it all: incredible service, a friendly, responsive customer team and save over 80% on carbon emissions compared to deliveries made by electric vans.


deliveries on time


lower emissions than EVs



response time


Co-branded, easy-to-use tracking and notifications for your customers. Enjoy plug and play integrations with your ecommerce store and an easy booking portal to make it simple for you to keep track of your shipments.

  • Integrated with all major ecommerce platforms
  • Customisable, co-branded notifications
  • ETAs
  • Inflight support with live chat
  • Real time tracking
background-graphicTracking Screens
  • ConnectYourStore

  • WeCollectFromYou

  • ParcelsDeliveredSustainably

  • YourJobGetsEasier


Zedify is the UK’s biggest cargo bike delivery network and we’re growing. We can help you roll out low-carbon deliveries to over 20% of the UK’s population in 9 cities, with more to come.


New Business Customers

  • Do you offer next-day deliveries?


    We offer a next-day courier service on most days.

    That’s pedal power for you! To enjoy competitive rates,  enquire here.

  • Do you offer same-day deliveries?


    We offer a same-day courier service on most days. Orders made before 1 p.m. will be delivered on the same day.

    That’s pedal power for you! To enjoy competitive rates, enquire here.


  • How beneficial are deliveries by cargo bike?

    Pretty impressively so, and the most tangible way of quantifying and demonstrating this benefit is to look at savings of carbon dioxide equivalent.

    If we compare the well to wheel grams of carbon dioxide equivalent released from our cargo bikes to a small diesel Ford Transit van, 295g of CO2e is saved per kilometre travelled. That’s equivalent to a 95% saving!

    When comparing against an electric van, delivery by cargo bike saves 67 g CO2e per km from well to wheel when compared to a small Ford eTransit van, equivalent to a saving of 82%.

Thanks for your interest in using Zedify. At the moment, we‘re just for businesses and can’t deliver one-off parcels for individuals. Sorry about that.

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Want to take action to receive more of your online orders by cargo bike? You can help fight the good fight by letting your favourite stores and brands know what you think!