We didn’t set up Zedify to be just another tech-driven delivery start up, we set it up to bring about real change for our cities.

We didn’t set up Zedify to be just another tech-driven delivery start up, we set it up to bring about real change for our cities. The fight for clean air, punishing traffic congestion, the explosion of ecommerce and net zero sustainability goals are issues all culminating in a tricky urban landscape which demands a drastic rethink for the way that urban deliveries are done.

We’ve made excellent progress, with 10 UK city hubs already launched and thousands of zero emission deliveries carried out each day. There has never been a better time to find out more about our work and get involved.


Join us for an urban logistics revolution
Cycle van delivering in city

A growing delivery market is leading to congestion and pollution

Delivery vehicles are set to increase 36% by 2030, with traffic congestion set to cost the British economy £7.9billion annually. There are 64,000 early deaths attributed to dirty air each year in the UK. The urban environment is rapidly changing with city centre restrictions set to tackle these two key challenges; deliveries in cities are becoming ever more onerous.

Traditional models for urban deliveries are inefficient, expensive & outdated

Last mile logistics is the least efficient stage of the supply chain and comprises up to 50% of the total delivery cost. There is a vast and missed opportunity to improve the efficiency and sustainability of urban freight by consolidating first mile, local same deliveries, reverse logistics and last mile deliveries in each urban neighbourhood.

Consumers are demanding a better customer experience

Consumers in the UK are demanding a better delivery experience with the convenience of chosen delivery windows and sustainable options. 48% of consumers are happy to pay for convenience, showing a preference for nominated time delivery. Traditional models for delivery with hubs many miles from their customers do not support this change in consumer demand.

The public are demanding sustainable and ethical deliveries

Research from ReBound found that 75% of respondents favoured brands that are making their deliveries more sustainable. Customers are demanding action from brands and city authorities on the climate crisis and are well aware that their home deliveries are having an impact on the air they breathe.

The gig economy in its current guise is on the way out: investors, employees and customers are making it plainly clear that brands who treat delivery staff ethically are the ones they want to work with.

Cycle van on seafront
Trikes lined up in Zedify microhub

Hyper local logistics, just for cities

We’ve designed a logistics model which is fit for the 21st century city. We consolidate packages at our edge-of-city hubs so they can be piped into a hyper local delivery route alongside other packages coming in or out of that area. Because our base is close to each delivery area, we can run multiple daily routes on each vehicle and offer chosen delivery windows throughout the day.

Clean, light vehicles made for the urban environment

Diesel vans and EVs do a good job transporting goods along motorways but when it comes to city centres, it’s absolutely vital to choose lighter vehicles designed specifically for the urban environment. Our light electric vehicles are designed to cut congestion, drive down emissions and help to create the liveable cities we’re all crying out for.

We run the largest fleet of LEVs in the UK, which includes cargo bikes, trikes and quads. Typically that means we use 98% less CO2 per km than a diesel van. With a small road space footprint, we’re able carry out deliveries in harder-to-access low traffic zones, pedestrianized streets and we can easily park right outside drop off and pick up locations.

An ethical approach from the bottom to the top

With the public, consumers and investors seeking out brands that treat their workers fairly, being a Living Wage employer is a crucial part of how we do things differently at Zedify. Most importantly, it’s the right thing to do and fits with our overall vision for cities which are better places to live and work; that includes good jobs. To look beyond that, paying a Living Wage also makes our business stronger. We benefit from high retention rates and our staff are motivated to do a good job, with 100% of our customers rating our delivery staff 4 or 5 stars.

“When you treat people with respect, they repay you in kind” Sam Keam, Zedify Cofounder

A technology platform that’s as fast paced as the cities it serves

Successful micro consolidation relies on data at our finger tips. We’ve invested in a smart technology platform so we can provide a service which is agile and responsive to the changing daily needs of our urban customer base. Our platform is the key to us being able to plot dynamic routing and hit multiple timeslots throughout the day.

Cycle van in city