Sustainable Last Mile Deliveries for Beauty & Wellness


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Zedify provides sustainable deliveries for beauty and wellness brands. We work with health drink, makeup, grooming, supplement and subscription brands. Your products are collected from your warehouse or store, we then transport them to our city-based micro-hubs and deliver them sustainably using our fleet of electric cargo bikes.

Beauty, health and wellness brands partner with us to provide an exceptional delivery experience which keeps customers coming back for more. We’ll help you implement sustainable shipping across UK cities and reduce your carbon footprint on each delivery by up to 80% compared to EVs.

Our advanced technology platform not only provides intuitive, easy to use tracking information but also offers unique flexibility around delivery time windows.

The benefits


We offer a wide variety of services including next day and same day courier services, and we work with hundreds of well known brands. With our range of integrations, low-carbon deliveries with Zedify are plug and play.

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Delight your customers with clear action on sustainability. Keep them coming back for more with a better, smoother delivery experience.

We’ve created last mile deliveries that businesses and your customers love. Have it all: incredible service, a friendly, responsive customer team and save over 80% on carbon emissions compared to deliveries made by electric vans.


deliveries on time


lower emissions than EVs



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Co-branded, easy-to-use tracking and notifications for your customers. Enjoy plug and play integrations with your ecommerce store and an easy booking portal to make it simple for you to keep track of your shipments.

  • Integrated with all major ecommerce platforms
  • Customisable, co-branded notifications
  • ETAs
  • Inflight support with live chat
  • Real time tracking
background-graphicTracking Screens
  • ConnectYourStore

  • WeCollectFromYou

  • ParcelsDeliveredSustainably

  • YourJobGetsEasier


Zedify is the UK’s biggest cargo bike delivery network and we’re growing. We can help you roll out low-carbon deliveries to over 20% of the UK’s population in 9 cities, with more to come.


New Business Customers

  • What capacity are your cargo delivery bikes?

    Cargo delivery trikes:

    • Up to a maximum load of 150-200kg, depending on the model
    • The container is 1.27m X 1.54m X 0.84m

    Cargo bikes:

    • Up to a maximum load of 100kg
    • The container is 1.1m X 0.67m X 70m


    • Up to a maximum load of 150kg.
    • The container load space is 2 cubic metres

    See our full fleet of delivery bikes.

  • What is the cost?

    Due to our use nimble of edge-of-city microhubs and cycle infrastructure, Zedify can offer highly competitive delivery rates in urban areas.

    Get in touch.

  • What kind of deliveries do you do?

    Most of our deliveries are ecommerce items. We can deliver fragile and perishable items. As our bikes are not refrigerated, we recommend that you package your items in refrigerated bags and our friendly riders can safely deliver these packages. Our cargo delivery bikes are more than meet the eye – they definitely hold a lot of parcels but we cannot transport very large or heavy duty goods such as sofas and beds. Health and safety comes first for us – we won’t be balancing large pieces of furniture on top of our bikes! For such bulky items, we might use our electric vans. Please enquire at to let us know what your business needs delivered.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    We are currently operating across 9 UK cities. You can find Zedify’s local courier service in London, Manchester, Cambridge, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Norwich and Plymouth. We’ve just expanded our delivery areas across the board, and are opening more edge-of-city microhubs in several UK cities in the next 12 months.

    Our operational model means businesses large and small can deliver sustainably to their customers with last mile delivery services such as same day, next day and ship from store.

    Want to deliver to an area that’s not currently on our list? We may well be able to change that. Get in touch with us at

Thanks for your interest in using Zedify. At the moment, we‘re just for businesses and can’t deliver one-off parcels for individuals. Sorry about that.

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Want to take action to receive more of your online orders by cargo bike? You can help fight the good fight by letting your favourite stores and brands know what you think!