March 21, 2023

Blog/ Our 2022 Impact Report

Harriet Hird

We’ve been crunching the numbers to bring you some insights into the impact Zedify is having on people, the planet and cities, with our 2022 Impact Report. We’ve used tracker data, parcel data and the latest emissions data to answer questions like ‘How much carbon is saved by shipping parcels on cargo bikes instead of electric vans?’ and ‘How much lung-harming NOX is saved by using cargo bikes instead of diesel vans?’


Our founders, CEO Rob King and CSO Sam Keam said, “This report matters hugely to us. Demonstrating measurable positive change is why we founded Zedify. It’s why we remain fully committed to operating the lowest possible impact fleet and urban delivery model, and why we continue to measure and report on a growing range of sustainability indicators across climate, air pollution, resource consumption, and diversity, equity & inclusion.”


You can access the Zedify 2022 Impact Report here and, if you’re someone who likes to understand the nitty gritty when it comes to impact, we’ve also shared our workings and source data- here.

Any questions?

Please do get in touch on or reach out to our Chief Sustainability Officer Sam Keam for a chat.