March 10, 2023

Case Study/ Zedify x OR Collective

Bex Young

We’re delighted to be working with circular children’s fashion business Or Collective, which was founded in 2022 with three simple mission statements:

  1. Good design
  2. Do better for the planet
  3. Simplify things amongst the chaos of being a parent

Teams from our Hoxton and Waltham Forest hubs are providing both deliveries and collections for the company across London, helping them out with missions no. 2 and 3 ✅

OR Collective’s USP?

They curate stylish collections in which “little ones can be their true selves”, all whilst minimising the environmental impact of the fashion industry through providing a rotational wardrobe.

So how does it work, and where do Zedify come in?

Parents can choose from the size of their child’s ‘wardrobe plan’, receiving 10, 15 or 20 pieces a month. Prices start from £36 a month which – for growing little ones – is a much more reasonable option than buying new, high-quality items every few weeks.

The clothes are then delivered on the delivery date of the customer’s choice via our electric cargo bikes – emission free and on-time.

Once the tiny humans have put the clothes through their paces and decided they’re ready for a change, Zedify will collect the items by electric cargo bike again, before they’re dropped back to OR Collective. The items will be washed with sustainable, skin-safe products and popped back onto the site for rewear, and the process will repeat.

If parents choose to keep an item and love it longterm, they have the option to do that too.

What is the benefit of working with Zedify?

OR Collective have chosen a delivery provider that truly reflects their green ambitions, meaning that their customers are able to enjoy a fully ethical and environmentally sound service.

Zedify provide totally emission-free deliveries and a novel, memorable way to deliver (for all the right reasons). After all, not every clothing parcel in London is delivered by cargo bike – although they hopefully will be one day.

Choosing Zedify for their deliveries means that OR Collective have taken large diesel vans off the busy streets of London and reduced pollution and congestion in their customers’ local areas. 🚲 Parcels are also able to arrive promptly due to the fact that cargo bikes are able to utilise speedy bike lanes and shortcuts through the city, and can park up right outside customers’ homes (no blocking the road and traipsing up the street for us).

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