February 24, 2023

Blog/ Zedify x SEStran take on Edinburgh

Bex Young

SEStran x Zedify

Future-proofing logistics in cities with challenging infrastructure is no mean feat, and medieval city Edinburgh is certainly not one for the logistically faint-hearted.

When it comes to carrying out effective deliveries and collections, the urban landscape presents its own unique challenges. Edinburgh is a city made up of steep inclines borne out of volcanic rock, cobblestones, narrow and congested streets, and of course, some pretty turbulent weather.

With the help of SURFLOGH Interreg NSR Project and some specially adjusted cargo bikes, Zedify Edinburgh and SEStran are working together to make the city’s logistics more efficient. SURFLOGH was brought in to tackle issues of congestion, pollution and logistics gridlock, with a mission to make Scotland a better place to live and work.

Zedify Edinburgh manager Mark Anderson says, “We have made unique changes to suit Edinburgh. We’ve had to look at suspension, tyre pressure, tyre tread and the width and size of the bike and how the weight is distributed… Zedify, I believe, is very commercially sustainable. This is going to be the future of deliveries I think across the UK… The only way is up!”

Keith Fisken of SEStran says, ““This is the future for inner city deliveries across the UK,” says Keith.  “Cargo-bike deliveries, in combination with small electric vehicles. Efficient logistics are essential to every city. The SURFLOGH project has helped us  to create  sustainable solutions and develop a map towards smarter, greener ways of getting goods from A to B. It’s about keeping Edinburgh livable and successful, whilst improving air quality and the quality of city living.”