April 5, 2023

Case Study/ Feedr by EatFirst x Zedify

Bex Young

Revolutionising the office lunch

We’ve teamed up with Feedr by EatFirst to lead the way in transforming office lunch deliveries.

EatFirst are an innovative brand delivering delicious lunches to office workers in a world of ‘work-from-wherever’.

Why did EatFirst choose cargo bike deliveries?

Zedify’s focus on environmental sustainability, employee well-being, and community partnership are some of the reasons Feedr partnered with us.

Zedify was born out of a will to address the problems associated with traditional diesel van deliveries in congested areas, and as EatFirst is based in London (the most congested city on Earth) our sustainability creds really resonated with the team.

EatFirst have made a solid commitment to responsible food delivery and ‘continue to nudge the delivery industry forward’, with the aim of making carbon-conscious meals as accessible as possible.

100% of their orders are now delivered in a carbon-friendly manner, so the plant-based poké bowl that a customer might have their eye can be picked as a truly green option.

EatFirst also vet their vendors for minimal food waste, eco-friendly packaging and sustainable sourcing activities, all practices that we hugely support. (See more below)

Our missions align

The Zedify mission is to make our cities and our planet a better place to live. EatFirst share this mission too. For every meal ordered, the company donates another to a child in need through their partnership with non-profit Akshaya Patra. By sourcing global menus on a local basis, the team works with artisan eateries that really care about the food they’re sending out.

This really resonates with the Zedify purpose and makes it a delight for us to deliver for EatFirst.