19 August 2021

Press Release/ Clean Air Day

Harriet Hird

1.3m zero emission deliveries later: Zedify turns three on Clean Air Day

Three years on from their launch on Clean Air Day in 2018, Zedify have come a long way. Now with more than 500 customers, the company employs over 100 Living Wage riders, operates over 80 cargo bikes and makes upwards of 600,000 zero emission deliveries a year across their network of 11 UK city hubs.



Three years ago the urban landscape looked quite different: cargo bikes used for deliveries were a rare sight, public awareness on air quality was comparatively low and the debate around Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Clean Air Zones was all still to come. As it has become frighteningly clear, dirty air is killing people, with 36,000 early deaths attributed to air pollution each year in the UK. For the health of urban populations, the shift to clean transport of goods is imperative. With the continuing boom in online retail, polluting delivery vehicles are on the rise and the WHO predicts their use will increase 36% by 2030.
7.04kg of NOx, one of the major contributors to poor air quality, can be avoided with each cargo bike Zedify puts on the road. The company has also calculated that their cargo bikes emit 98% less CO2 per kilometer than a diesel van. More and more businesses are choosing to switch to a zero emissions delivery service.



Zedify CEO and co-founder, Rob King, said, “Our purpose at Zedify is to transform urban logistics and create the healthier, cleaner and more liveable cities of the future. We’re blown away by the commitment of our hubs, their riders and the rapidly rising number of businesses who are choosing to opt for deliveries which help the fight for clean air. It’s vital that local authorities, businesses, shoppers and delivery companies work together to revolutionise the way goods move around, so we can all breathe the clean air that we deserve.”
About Zedify
● Zedify offers a complete logistics service for local businesses who need flexible
deliveries within their city as well as national deliveries via carrier partners.
● We work closely with online retailers and third party carriers, to offer time-sensitive and ethical collections and deliveries for the first and last mile of their journey.
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