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calendarJuly 13th, 2021
personHarriet Hird
clock3 minute read

Retailers, are you aware sustainable, low-carbon ecommerce is now possible?

Zedify has teamed up with Packoorang, the circular packaging brand, which means that retailers across the country can now turn on a truly circular approach for their shipping.
You can finally give your customers what they’re crying out for: guilt-free online deliveries which are low carbon and avoid waste. Packoorang’s innovative bags can be reused up to 100 times and are delivered and collected on cargo bikes by Zedify, which will help you to achieve your net zero ambitions.

So how does it work?

  1. Tell us how many Packoorang Mailer Bags you need per month. We brand them for you and you use them to ship your products
  2. You integrate with Zedify’s API
  3. Your customer selects sustainable delivery at the checkout, and pays a small deposit
  4. They are asked to select a 2-hour delivery window that suits them
  5. At their chosen time, a friendly, Living Wage employed Zedify rider arrives at their door with their order, on a zero emissions cargo bike
  6. Any returns or previously received Packoorang bags can be handed to the rider at the same time as their delivery takes place
  7. The customer can also drop off their Packoorang at one of our locker drops or in store
  8. Your customer receives their deposit back minus a small fee of 50p and, to incentivise their return of the packaging, they get rewarded with brand loyalty credits and competitions
  9. The Packoorangs are sorted, cleaned and returned to you to use again


Why Packoorang x Zedify?

  • Shared vision: We share the same values and an ambition to support retailers on their journey to net zero.
  • Brand extension: Together, Zedify and Packoorang can be a valuable extension of your brand, right to your customers’ doorstep. The high-quality packaging can be fully branded. It safely protects your product and is weatherproof. Zedify offers excellent customer experience, our vehicles can be co-branded and our riders are professional, friendly and always go the extra mile.
  • Environmental impact: Compared to a cardboard box, Packoorang bags use 81% less CO2 and the remainder is offset. Each time they are used, the waste from a carboard box, tape and filler is avoided. Zedify’s electric cargo bikes, trikes and quads save between 203 and 206.2g of CO2 per kilometre compared with modern Euro 6 compliant diesel vans. That’s a massive 98-99% carbon saving.

Which products are suitable for Packoorang bags?

  • Breakables – with optional 3mm padding, Packoorang makes sure your products arrive immaculately
  • Garments – foldable, flexible, durable and weatherproof bags that mean clothing arrives looking its bestA new partnership between circular packaging brand, Packoorang, and clean deliveries service, Zedify, mean sustainability and logistics teams can turn on a truly circular approach for shipping.
Get in touch today to find out more about our low-carbon ecommerce package. | 01223 719 594 | 07716 581 772

Thanks for your interest in using Zedify. At the moment, we‘re just for businesses and can’t deliver one-off parcels for individuals. Sorry about that.

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