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calendarJanuary 10th, 2024
personBex Young
clock3 minute read

We’ve been delivering for the Fine Cider Company in multiple cities across the UK since May last year, ensuring their delicate items get from A to B (from their warehouse to their customers) without a hitch. As the New Year is upon us, we thought it was about time we had a catch up with them and find out what’s going on at Fine Cider in the first quarter of ’24.

Read on to read more in our chat with Felix Nash, Fine Cider co-founder and cider extraordinaire.



What does Fine Cider do?
“We are cider merchants, supplying the finest ciders & perries (pear cider) right across the country. From the local pub, to renowned restaurants like The Fat Duck.”

Why was the company started?
“I discovered a few ciders out in Herefordshire that were so brilliant and otherworldly compared to the mass market stuff, that they needed to be known about,” Felix says. “And then I found out that for something to be called cider in Britain it only needs to be 35% apple concentrate, the rest can be water and a whole. mix of things… so most of the ‘cider’ in the mass market is a super industrial creation of concentrate and water, yet cider can be so so much better; it was once even known as ‘the native wine of England’, and drunk from cider flutes.”

Why did you choose cargo bike deliveries for your business?
“Zero emissions was a big part of it, but also given our products are made of glass, Zedify are just so much more reliable [than other couriers]. It saves on courier packaging also, meaning there’s less wastage, and less of the customer to dispose of. It is pure and simple logic to be honest; just better all round.”

What makes Fine Cider stand out from other alcohol brands?
“Cider is changing, with similarities to natural wine and craft beer, with a new focus on quality, provenance, small batch making etc. We are simply one of the few cider merchants, and the makers we work with are many of the best in the country, if not the world… their bottles can be exceptional.”

What are Fine Cider’s 2024 goals?
“To keep spreading the word, and hopefully do so with free, zero emissions delivery at more and more UK cities thanks to Zedify.

We organised The London Cider Salon at the Tate Modern this year, so word is spreading in the public, we just want to keep finding ever better bottles, and getting them to your glasses.”

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