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calendarApril 19th, 2021
personHarriet Hird
clock1 minute read
Paying the Living Wage makes our business stronger
Zedify Co-founder, Sam Keam, writes a new blog for Living Wage Foundation reflecting on the impact that being a Living Wage employer has had for our business.
“The logistics industry has become notorious for the poor employment practices that have become increasingly commonplace. Many of the biggest names in our sector see the fair treatment of their workers in opposition to the interests of the business. At Zedify, we are demonstrating that this isn’t true. We’ve found that when you treat people with respect, they repay you in kind. As employers, we have a choice: to build our business models around the premise that the worker comes last; or to focus our efforts around supporting good, sustainable, ethical employment. That choice should be simple. Our employees – just like workers everywhere – are people with bills to pay, rent to make and lives to live. People who need a real Living Wage, especially during these uncertain times.”
Read the full blog here.

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