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calendarNovember 25th, 2022
personBex Young
clock3 minute read

Last year’s #BlackFriday sales were estimated to have produced around 429,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from product deliveries alone. It’s thought that 80% of products bought during this period ended up in landfill shortly after.*

That’s a LOT of landfill.

Perhaps you want to partake in Green Friday this year and make some sustainable, circular purchases over the festive period (and beyond). We’ve got you sorted…

Buying an outfit for an event?

Rent your Christmas party outfit this year! You can even meet up via public transport to do the swap in person if you want to be super circular about it. See Hirestreet, By Rotation and Hurr for brands paving the way in greener fashion. Caring = rewearing. 🛍

Looking to purchase some ethical and circular festive gifts?

Shop secondhand. Charity shops have made a big comeback for Gen Z-ers and millennials looking for retro and vintage clothing, but they’re also a brilliant place to find thoughtful gems for Christmas presents. More often that not, you’ll find beautiful items that are still boxed up and brand new too. Although there’s still a way to go, the taboo around secondhand gifting is shifting, largely down to sustainability influencers on platforms such as TikTok and a shifting cultural attitude – particularly in times of economic difficulty.

If you’re going to buy new, opt for companies that give something worthwhile back. We’re not just talking about offsetting in isolation here (which simply doesn’t work – see more on our recent article here.) Everlane is a great example of this. Known for their transparency and mission to do some good in the world, their Black Friday Fund donates a portion of the funds from every purchase to charity, and has raised $1.3 million for its partners since 2014.

Buying for your home, or own a business and looking to refresh its look?

If you’re still working from home and perhaps looking to upgrade your home office in the new year, or if you own a business and want to deck it out, it’s hard to resist the shiny-IKEA-flatpack temptation. Secondhand furniture is the way to go though. Antiques are great for a home office, but maybe not so practical for anything more commercial. So what can you do?

Sites like Reyooz will allow you to fill your offices with great quality furniture at a fraction of the price of new and prevent perfectly good items from going to landfill. That’s a step closer to making your business truly green. Or, even better – keep it super local and scour sites like Freecycle and Freegle for some gorgeous pieces ready for you to make your own. All for absolutely nothing, too!

*Source: Forbes

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