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calendarMarch 15th, 2024
personBex Young
clock4 minute read

Zedify partners with the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority, WSP and Megabus to Revolutionise Parcel Transport across UK

In a groundbreaking move to address the dual challenges of city congestion and underused resources, the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority [Combined Authority] has partnered with Zedify to launch a new weekly service to transport parcels from Bristol to Plymouth on its Falcon coach route. This service, which had its inception as a pilot project, is part of the ‘Parcels as Passengers’ initiative, a pioneering venture aimed at making more efficient use of existing resources while reducing traffic on our roads.

This initiative is a joint collaboration between the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority, transport agency WSP, Megabus, and Zedify. The project aims to turn passenger vehicles into multi-purpose transporters, carrying both people and parcels, thereby reducing the number of vans on the road and optimising the use of existing resources.

Every Wednesday, the Megabus Falcon route carries two to three containers of parcels, each usually containing between 20 to 30 parcels, on a Bristol – Plymouth route. Once they reach their destination, the parcels are then delivered to end-consumers by Zedify’s zero emission cargo bikes, keeping the total parcel journey as green as possible. This innovative use of the frequently underused storage space in passenger vehicles is a significant step towards more efficient resource utilisation, and contributes to a tangible reduction in the number of vans on the road.

All parcels transported under this service are fully insured and secured under the coaches’ Goods in Transit Insurance. This ensures the safety and security of every shipment, giving peace of mind to both the clients and the transporters.

Nick Stokes, National Projects Manager at Zedify, stated, “This is just the beginning of what we hope will be a significantly larger operation. It’s an excellent strategy to utilise underused storage space on passenger vehicles for freight, thus effectively reducing the number of vans on the road.”

He added, “This project is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly, paving the way for more sustainable goods transportation. It’s a clear demonstration of our commitment to finding innovative solutions for everyday challenges. We’re excited to expand this with other businesses across the UK, and are looking to trial this on a Bristol to London route soon alongside our longstanding client Wogan Coffee.”

The team has set their sights on expanding their reach beyond the current Bristol – Plymouth route, and plans are in the pipeline to establish a similar route between Bristol and London.

About Zedify

Zedify delivers better cities, fit for the future. They partner with major retailers, national parcel carriers, D2C and subscription brands to transform customer experience with sustainable first and last mile deliveries.

Cargo bikes, ‘microhubs’, and a powerful ecommerce integrated tech platform combine to create a service that is revolutionising the way parcels arrive at urban doorsteps.

Currently in 9 UK cities, London – Glasgow – Bristol – Edinburgh – Cambridge – Brighton – Norwich – Plymouth – Manchester, and expanding.

Zedify: Urban deliveries done better.

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