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calendarAugust 11th, 2022
personBex Young
clock4 minute read

Having serviced the city since March 2021, we are delighted that Zedify was officially launch in Plymouth last month.

Zero Emission Delivery Service

Zedify Plymouth is a delivery service with a conscience; by using cargo bikes, the team is able to make local deliveries without producing any harmful tailpipe emissions. The company provides efficient and environmentally friendly courier services city-wide by utilising a carbon-free fleet of electric bikes and trikes. The carbon-free bikes are able to pick up items from a local hub and distribute them across the city, reducing the number of traditional vans on the roads and in turn, creating less congestion, reduced noise and lower levels of pollution for local residents.            

Zedify Plymouth operates with a people-first approach, with friendly, fairly paid delivery staff and a team of people who are genuinely passionate about what they do. They intend to give you a smooth experience with your deliveries, and so far, have been very well received servicing business in and around Plymouth, leaving a fantastic impression on the community. 

Zedify Business Model

The Zedify business model is in full swing across the country, with Plymouth being the 10th city for the company to call home. It has been reported that a whopping 35,000 vans have been replaced in Bristol alone through Zedify’s actions, so it is certainly exciting to see what Zedify could bring to the future of Plymouth. As our city keeps expanding, and the climate crisis comes ever closer, it is apparent to all of us that changes must be made to ensure that the comfort of our daily lives can continue in a liveable, workable city.      

The operations in Plymouth have already proven to be a great success, and with the help of the Meanwhile Use fund, Zedify has opened a new hub in the centre of Plymouth in the redeveloping Old Town Street. The new building will allow Zedify to service a large area of the city and, with such a central location, there is no doubt that the deliveries will be quick and efficient. The Meanwhile Use project was brought to Plymouth by Plymouth Culture to bring unused spaces to life with creative and cultural projects. It is part of the delivery programme for the Interreg-funded C-Care Project.

Zedify Plymouth New Hub

The grand opening of the hub on Thursday 21st July allowed guests to snap pictures with the bikes and meet the minds behind the project. The evening was a roaring success and allowed a huge variety of Plymouth’s stakeholders to get a good understanding of the steps that are being taken to transform the city for the better. Gil Woolley, Co-Founder and Operations of Zedify Plymouth said: “We are thrilled to be bringing an ethical, sustainable and cost efficient parcel delivery service to Plymouth. Our vision is to reduce the road traffic around the city, making it a safer and cleaner environment for all. We’ll be delivering parcels from the booming online retail market and supporting local businesses with an efficient and sustainable way to move items around the city. “

With vans and HGVs responsible for 32% of the UK’s transport carbon emissions and a cost of £6.9 billion to the British economy, Zedify is certainly acting at the right time to tackle these issues head on, and we look forward to seeing their growth throughout the city. .     

About Zedify

Zedify deliver better cities, fit for the future. They partner with retailers, parcel carriers, D2C and subscription brands to transform their customer experience with sustainable last mile logistics. Cargo bikes, hyperlocal delivery hubs, and a powerful ecommerce integrated tech platform all combine to create a service that is revolutionising the way parcels arrive at the urban doorstep. 

Currently in 10 UK cities, they have funding to help drive growth into 45 by 2025.

London- Glasgow- Bristol- Edinburgh- Cambridge- Southampton- Brighton- Norwich- Winchester- Plymouth

Contacts: gil.wooley@zedify.co.uk (Zedify Plymouth), harriet@zedify.co.uk (Zedify UK)

About Plymouth Culture

Plymouth Culture is the strategic development agency for the city that supports and enables the growth of creativity and culture across Plymouth. It does this by working with creatives, organisations, individuals and stakeholders.

Contact: paul@pbmedia.co.uk

Thanks for your interest in using Zedify. At the moment, we‘re just for businesses and can’t deliver one-off parcels for individuals. Sorry about that.

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