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calendarOctober 11th, 2022
personBex Young
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How the zero emission delivery company is innovating its HR strategy to further protect the health and finances of its riders.

Zedify are the UK’s zero emissions local delivery network. Zedify riders spend each day cycling up to 50 miles transporting hundreds of items from A to B across our cities in specialized zero emissions trikes and vehicles; a fun and fulfilling role, yet one with its unique challenges.


With city Hubs and rider teams across the UK – from Plymouth and London to Glasgow and Edinburgh – each with a unique and varied set of recruitment pressures, it was essential that any benefits platform chosen was flexible enough to be offered to network partners in a format that helped achieve specific objectives.

Zedify’s collaboration with Collective Benefits sees a full range of benefits and protections being offered to partners and for the benefit of their rider teams in London, Cambridge and Brighton as a start, with the prospect of further UK-wide utilisation on the horizon. 


“We care about our riders and it can be a fulfilling but often demanding job, so we pay all our riders the real Living Wage with employed holiday and sick pay protections. But we wanted to go further, so in partnership with Collective Benefits, we’re excited to make available to our network of hubs extra health and financial protections, wellbeing support services and saving discounts. We are certain these will help power even better retention, engagement and motivation.”
Nick Stokes, Zedify’s Project Manager and a former rider.


Attracting and retaining the best team of delivery riders is a key part of Zedify’s growth strategy. It should go without saying that delivery riders deserve the same rights, protections and support as office based employees. Yet it’s reported that more than half of gig economy workers don’t have access to employer-provided benefits such as paid leave or medical insurance. 


As an innovative start-up, Zedify are bucking the trend by shunning the gig economy model entirely, as well as engaging in strategic HR initiatives to benefit their most important assets— the delivery riders whose role encompasses riding, operations and customer service.


On top of making available a comprehensive Collective Benefits package, Zedify engages riders in regular company-wide activities where they can connect with colleagues from across the company. Beyond material incentives and financial protections, these inclusive measures can go a long way to improving the workplace satisfaction of delivery riders.


In our recent annual survey, 96% of riders reported being satisfied or very satisfied with working at Zedify, while 100% of Zedify riders surveyed felt they get on well with their team and feel valued. Thanks to this partnership with Collective Benefits, we expect these and other encouraging metrics we monitor to keep on rising. 


Zedify’s mission is all about creating better deliveries and better cities. This starts with creating better working conditions and improving the wellbeing of the rider team. 



About Zedify

Zedify are disrupting the urban delivery market with their innovative network of sustainable last mile delivery hubs, and currently operate out of 10 UK cities.  Experts in cargo bike logistics and micro consolidation, Zedify have also developed a powerful tech platform to cut through the ever growing challenges in urban logistics.

  • Zedify offer a complete logistics service for local businesses who need flexible deliveries within their city as well as national deliveries via carrier partners.
  • They work closely with ecommerce retailers and third party carriers, to offer time-sensitive and ethical collections and deliveries for the first and last mile of each journey.

Zedify are shaking up the way deliveries are done in cities by providing a service for businesses that enhances their brand, reduces cost and is helping to create the healthier, more liveable cities of the future. 

Contact: Nick Stokes – Project Manager and former rider at Zedify, nick.stokes@zedify.co.uk


About Collective Benefits

Collective Benefits is a leading insurance, wellbeing and savings platform for businesses who care about their flexible workers. They help brands such as Zedify, Wolt, Stuart and Addison Lee protect their workers in 32 countries around the world.


Contact: Annabel Beales – Marketing Manager at Collective Benefits, annabel@collectivebenefits.com 

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